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Update 22/11

Hallöj people!

More super fun updates from us! Jk, this is going to be pretty basic but non the less important. 😉

We had our first release of Penny’s Farm, even though it’s only a release of the short version we used to showcase the game. It is still around 40 minutes of game play which feels pretty decent. Plus the fact that the events, buffs/de-buffs and tasks is randomly generated so that the experience will be a bit different each time you play.

The biggest issues we had so far is that we get errors if you are not connected to the same internet as the device you are playing on with your phone, which does not seem to apply for all the games on AirConsole. If you are not, the characters become uncontrollable. We also get some bug like 10 percent of the time that effects the character controls even when you are on the same WiFi. We are working on it and are trying to find what may cause this issue since we have never seen this before. The reason it doesn’t work as well as when playing our first version on PC is that we had to code a big part of the game again with new code to fit AirConsole, and also create a completely new input. So, we have been working so much shorter on the Live version than our old version. Hence the bugs. I assume this will always be a problem when porting your game somewhere since there are new stuff to take into consideration.

If you play the game and experience some issues we would be very glad if you sent a message with the error to us so that we learn what issues we have. That will make it easier for us to find problems and speeds up the time of fixing them.


See you around!

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Update 14/11

Hello fellow farmers!

This update is pretty thin since we have been polishing some things. I finally finished the thumbnail for AirConsole  btw,


This is what it ended up looking like. For now at least.

And what else, we have been playtesting our version for AirConsole over and over to try to find all the bugs and polish the things that didn’t feel “crisp”. There are always things you never took into consideration. Like if the player is on the wrong or not on the wifi, the character becomes unsteerable. And what happens if a player disconnects and connect again, does something happen if everyone spammed the same control? All of that stuff. We believe we found most of the issues and can fix them. A weird thing was for example that when a player disconnected and then connected again, the characters could be switched for some reason. We also made some premium skins for the “AirConsole Heroes” users. I will show them in the next update!

Until then!

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Winner, winner real chicken dinner!

We have such great news to tell you! We won the AirConsole contest we have been writing about and spending all of our time on!


This will make things a little easier for the team. And the really cool part is that we get to go to Anaheim and Casual Connect, CA! We will showcase our game there which will be super fun. We will also release the game on AirConsole soon. We will discuss how to proceed after that. We will continue to work on the game so it is not the final version that goes up in the near future.

This will be so fun!! Will you be at Casual Connect? Don´t miss out, come and play the game and say hi. 🙂

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Update 3/11

Hey people!

Wow, it’s already November and the stores filled with Christmas ornaments. Time sure does fly fast. Here is what has been going on with us. A programmer was asked to do a blog post about what kind of programming issues and solutions we have been having but turned out to not be strong bloggers so I guess you’re stuck with me! 😉 The AirConsole version is now submitted and we have our fingers crossed.

Now we will continue to work on the game and I believe our goals are to set internal deadlines that we have to focus on and if we don’t make them we move on towards new deadlines which will force us to get things done and either implement or discard. Our production time has been extremely reduced, down to about four months. It is a race against time by now. We will decide on a set numbers of events, tasks and buffs/debuffs to implement before a deadline so that it becomes balanced and not a million events but no new buffs, vice versa.

Our next event we will implement is “the wedding”. We have also been talking about a “sausage maker” as a new task, a buff/debuff of a character becoming pregnant and the debuff I mentioned before where a player becomes static.

Otherwise, I started to test possible thumbnails for the AirConsole store. I tested how 2D art would feel even though it is a 3D game. Here some characters are still 3D and some are 2D so that I could try out and compare looks. More things need to be implemented behind the characters like a cow and the barn or something like that. And the “farm” – text needs to be in front so maybe move it down. I wanted it to look very appealing with bright colours since it will be pretty small. I am pretty content with colours, now I just have to work on the content and composition.

test thumb

That was all the fun up until now kids. Hope you had a great Halloween!

Until next time :*

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Update 25/10

Happy Monday people!

This past week we had some sickness and more of the same work as the week before that. The deadline for AirConsole is closing in on us and we are still fixing some small bugs and adding new art for the mobile and the controller.


We are also looking at boring stuff like contracts for the group before all the company business can be sorted. Almi invest was kind enough to give us some free counseling about what we need to start up our company. There are so many things that are new to us that we had no idea we had to think about. If you are in the same spot we encourage you to do the same as it can be dangerous not knowing what you are doing and you can end up losing a lot of money and /or your friends in the process. One could also outsource a person with the knowledge of starting a company to help but that obviously costs money.

As far as money goes, we still don’t have a publisher so we might be going for early access, we will see how the AirConsole thing turns out first and then decide how to proceed.

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Update 16/10

Hey there!

The past week was kind of a slow week for the team. We are still working on finding funding or a publisher to help us finish the game. We booked a meeting with Almi invest tomorrow to get some help with our business plan, which feels like one step in the right direction.

Gamewise, we have submitted a test build to the AirConsole competition and are waiting for any feedback they might have. We ended up changing one thing with the controller which was the removal of the buttons and implementing swipes instead. The reason we did that is that every time we were playing we had to look down on the phone to see which button to push since you cant feel the buttons on a touchscreen like you can on a controller.


Now, all the players have to do is remember swipe direction which allows the player to play out an action by simply swiping anywhere on the right side of the phone without looking. This screen will always be visible on the phone during play in case you would forget. The left side is just like a joystick and the character will be walking in the direction you have your thumb relative to the center of the “joystick”, which is the dot on the left side of the screen.

That was all for last week, new week new possibilities! See you around!

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Update 9/10

Howdy people!

Sorry about the late update again, had to work with an extra job this weekend, but here it comes!

As usual, we have been trying out new ideas or started building them at least. We have a new curse in mind where one player gets struck by lightning and thereafter becomes very static. If another player gets too close they will get zapped.


Also, we have been working on a build for the AirConsole competition for a few weeks. We got our controller feeling pretty nice at the moment but it could always use a few tweaks. The most important is that the controller feels “crisp” and nice to use. We started by building a direction pad (also known as D-pad) that would not allow the players to move diagonally and that felt very annoying. Therefore we got a virtual joystick working instead, which allows movement in any direction. So basically it is now working the same as an Xbox controller but it is virtual and on your phone. We had a meeting with AirConsole at Gamescom and they thought that the game would be perfect for their platform. Local co-ops are easy to play there, both together in the same room or from different houses since it is played in the browser.  All you need is a code to join in on the fun.

Here is all about in this video;

Perfect right? A local co-op that doesn’t actually have to be local.

A while back at Invest in games in Stockholm, Jason Della Rocca said that “everyone knows that local co-op’s do well on showfloors but are hard to sell”. Which was not exactly the most fun thing to be greeted with as I walked through the doors. But everyone has a different opinion about it and some big companies we talked to believed that local co-ops are on the uprise thanks to games like overcooked, GangBeasts and all the other great party games released not too long ago. It may not be the biggest genre ever but, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a target audience. Games like these provide such great fun together with your friends that an online game can never do in the same way. Sure, it’s more of a hassle getting your friends together and plan for it rather than playing a quick 20 mins online co-op match between dinner and bedtime. But who doesn’t want to get together with their friends occationally and do stuff? We believe in party games since it is something we all love. Hope you are with us! Let’s go make some awesome party games!

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Update 1/10

Greetings friends!

This week was very interesting and we were doing some short travels to meet potential publishers among other things. Which means we got to work less from the office, but don’t worry, we still have some cool things to show off! 😉

We are still at a stage where we try to balance other work to keep our bellies happy and heads dry. We knew that things wasn’t going to be super easy from the beginning so it still feels fine. If it was easy then anyone would do it right? Besides how you deal with hard times is what differentiates you from others. So, in other words, we are very unlikely to quit Penny’s Farm no matter what. And with that little speech, let’s talk about what we did work on within the game! 🙂

We have very few buffs and de-buffs*  as of now so it feels like most of them are “stinky curses” which makes one player stink and makes other people work slower within a small radius. Besides it’s almost the same as the ” love-curse” which makes two people fall in love and work faster when they are together but work slower when they are apart. So, we want to come up with new ones that are more fun and feels very different. One example that we are currently prototyping is a little ghost curse where a ghost will appear during the day and mess with the players by throwing objects around and away from the players or scare them so that they run away from what they were doing.


Plus, it’s very fitting for October right? ;D It almost looks a bit too cute.

The second thing is a little lucky money bonus that might appear. When players are running around in different areas they might just find themselves a little gold coin!


Hopefully this can be implemented to give players a little more hope when they are running a tight budget and are at risk of not gathering enough money for the day. It’s not like we don’t want you to succeed *cough* Heh he.

That is all for this week folks! Thank you for reading and sticking around. We will try to do something nice for those who stick around in the future. Lots of love from Penny’s Farm.



*if you ever talk to us in person, our programmers for some reason only refers to these as “curses” so you don’t get confused.

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Update 23/9

Good day fellow hoomans!

This week we started working on some of the ideas from last week! We start by building prototypes of the idea to test it and see if it can be done the way we thought or if there are any unforeseen issues. Once it seems to work the idea is in the clear and we can start polishing and implementing.

This time one of our ideas was adding a wheat field that the players have to harvest within a time frame. The wheat also needs to be gathered within that same time so they need to help each other out. This will be a totally different scene to get the players a break from the farm screen.


WIP gif. The harvesting would look something like this!



WIP gif, you’re not really supposed to go this fast unless you drank ten cups of coffee.

Once you completed the task the point is for you to earn some kind of bonus. Money or something else that can be of use.



As you saw last week we added weather conditions as well. We started to work towards a little more diverse world to make the world feel less static. We looked at night scenes as well but since the nights currently acts like breaks between levels it does not really work. Other than this we’re still talking about new tasks and events that we could add to the game.

This upcoming week we will try to finally record a proper trailer. The previous ones had some recording and time issues. We will try to record it on a new pc, which hopefully will give us better quality. Also, a proper storyboard to bring across the quirkiness and overall feeling of the game. That’s it this time folks. See you around!