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Update 22/11

Hallöj people!

More super fun updates from us! Jk, this is going to be pretty basic but non the less important. 😉

We had our first release of Penny’s Farm, even though it’s only a release of the short version we used to showcase the game. It is still around 40 minutes of game play which feels pretty decent. Plus the fact that the events, buffs/de-buffs and tasks is randomly generated so that the experience will be a bit different each time you play.

The biggest issues we had so far is that we get errors if you are not connected to the same internet as the device you are playing on with your phone, which does not seem to apply for all the games on AirConsole. If you are not, the characters become uncontrollable. We also get some bug like 10 percent of the time that effects the character controls even when you are on the same WiFi. We are working on it and are trying to find what may cause this issue since we have never seen this before. The reason it doesn’t work as well as when playing our first version on PC is that we had to code a big part of the game again with new code to fit AirConsole, and also create a completely new input. So, we have been working so much shorter on the Live version than our old version. Hence the bugs. I assume this will always be a problem when porting your game somewhere since there are new stuff to take into consideration.

If you play the game and experience some issues we would be very glad if you sent a message with the error to us so that we learn what issues we have. That will make it easier for us to find problems and speeds up the time of fixing them.


See you around!

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