Development blog

Update 14/11

Hello fellow farmers!

This update is pretty thin since we have been polishing some things. I finally finished the thumbnail for AirConsole  btw,


This is what it ended up looking like. For now at least.

And what else, we have been playtesting our version for AirConsole over and over to try to find all the bugs and polish the things that didn’t feel “crisp”. There are always things you never took into consideration. Like if the player is on the wrong or not on the wifi, the character becomes unsteerable. And what happens if a player disconnects and connect again, does something happen if everyone spammed the same control? All of that stuff. We believe we found most of the issues and can fix them. A weird thing was for example that when a player disconnected and then connected again, the characters could be switched for some reason. We also made some premium skins for the “AirConsole Heroes” users. I will show them in the next update!

Until then!

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