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Update 3/11

Hey people!

Wow, it’s already November and the stores filled with Christmas ornaments. Time sure does fly fast. Here is what has been going on with us. A programmer was asked to do a blog post about what kind of programming issues and solutions we have been having but turned out to not be strong bloggers so I guess you’re stuck with me! 😉 The AirConsole version is now submitted and we have our fingers crossed.

Now we will continue to work on the game and I believe our goals are to set internal deadlines that we have to focus on and if we don’t make them we move on towards new deadlines which will force us to get things done and either implement or discard. Our production time has been extremely reduced, down to about four months. It is a race against time by now. We will decide on a set numbers of events, tasks and buffs/debuffs to implement before a deadline so that it becomes balanced and not a million events but no new buffs, vice versa.

Our next event we will implement is “the wedding”. We have also been talking about a “sausage maker” as a new task, a buff/debuff of a character becoming pregnant and the debuff I mentioned before where a player becomes static.

Otherwise, I started to test possible thumbnails for the AirConsole store. I tested how 2D art would feel even though it is a 3D game. Here some characters are still 3D and some are 2D so that I could try out and compare looks. More things need to be implemented behind the characters like a cow and the barn or something like that. And the “farm” – text needs to be in front so maybe move it down. I wanted it to look very appealing with bright colours since it will be pretty small. I am pretty content with colours, now I just have to work on the content and composition.

test thumb

That was all the fun up until now kids. Hope you had a great Halloween!

Until next time :*

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