Development blog

Update 25/10

Happy Monday people!

This past week we had some sickness and more of the same work as the week before that. The deadline for AirConsole is closing in on us and we are still fixing some small bugs and adding new art for the mobile and the controller.


We are also looking at boring stuff like contracts for the group before all the company business can be sorted. Almi invest was kind enough to give us some free counseling about what we need to start up our company. There are so many things that are new to us that we had no idea we had to think about. If you are in the same spot we encourage you to do the same as it can be dangerous not knowing what you are doing and you can end up losing a lot of money and /or your friends in the process. One could also outsource a person with the knowledge of starting a company to help but that obviously costs money.

As far as money goes, we still don’t have a publisher so we might be going for early access, we will see how the AirConsole thing turns out first and then decide how to proceed.

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