Development blog

Update 16/10

Hey there!

The past week was kind of a slow week for the team. We are still working on finding funding or a publisher to help us finish the game. We booked a meeting with Almi invest tomorrow to get some help with our business plan, which feels like one step in the right direction.

Gamewise, we have submitted a test build to the AirConsole competition and are waiting for any feedback they might have. We ended up changing one thing with the controller which was the removal of the buttons and implementing swipes instead. The reason we did that is that every time we were playing we had to look down on the phone to see which button to push since you cant feel the buttons on a touchscreen like you can on a controller.


Now, all the players have to do is remember swipe direction which allows the player to play out an action by simply swiping anywhere on the right side of the phone without looking. This screen will always be visible on the phone during play in case you would forget. The left side is just like a joystick and the character will be walking in the direction you have your thumb relative to the center of the “joystick”, which is the dot on the left side of the screen.

That was all for last week, new week new possibilities! See you around!

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