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Update 9/10

Howdy people!

Sorry about the late update again, had to work with an extra job this weekend, but here it comes!

As usual, we have been trying out new ideas or started building them at least. We have a new curse in mind where one player gets struck by lightning and thereafter becomes very static. If another player gets too close they will get zapped.


Also, we have been working on a build for the AirConsole competition for a few weeks. We got our controller feeling pretty nice at the moment but it could always use a few tweaks. The most important is that the controller feels “crisp” and nice to use. We started by building a direction pad (also known as D-pad) that would not allow the players to move diagonally and that felt very annoying. Therefore we got a virtual joystick working instead, which allows movement in any direction. So basically it is now working the same as an Xbox controller but it is virtual and on your phone. We had a meeting with AirConsole at Gamescom and they thought that the game would be perfect for their platform. Local co-ops are easy to play there, both together in the same room or from different houses since it is played in the browser.  All you need is a code to join in on the fun.

Here is all about in this video;

Perfect right? A local co-op that doesn’t actually have to be local.

A while back at Invest in games in Stockholm, Jason Della Rocca said that “everyone knows that local co-op’s do well on showfloors but are hard to sell”. Which was not exactly the most fun thing to be greeted with as I walked through the doors. But everyone has a different opinion about it and some big companies we talked to believed that local co-ops are on the uprise thanks to games like overcooked, GangBeasts and all the other great party games released not too long ago. It may not be the biggest genre ever but, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a target audience. Games like these provide such great fun together with your friends that an online game can never do in the same way. Sure, it’s more of a hassle getting your friends together and plan for it rather than playing a quick 20 mins online co-op match between dinner and bedtime. But who doesn’t want to get together with their friends occationally and do stuff? We believe in party games since it is something we all love. Hope you are with us! Let’s go make some awesome party games!

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