Development blog

Update 1/10

Greetings friends!

This week was very interesting and we were doing some short travels to meet potential publishers among other things. Which means we got to work less from the office, but don’t worry, we still have some cool things to show off! 😉

We are still at a stage where we try to balance other work to keep our bellies happy and heads dry. We knew that things wasn’t going to be super easy from the beginning so it still feels fine. If it was easy then anyone would do it right? Besides how you deal with hard times is what differentiates you from others. So, in other words, we are very unlikely to quit Penny’s Farm no matter what. And with that little speech, let’s talk about what we did work on within the game! 🙂

We have very few buffs and de-buffs*  as of now so it feels like most of them are “stinky curses” which makes one player stink and makes other people work slower within a small radius. Besides it’s almost the same as the ” love-curse” which makes two people fall in love and work faster when they are together but work slower when they are apart. So, we want to come up with new ones that are more fun and feels very different. One example that we are currently prototyping is a little ghost curse where a ghost will appear during the day and mess with the players by throwing objects around and away from the players or scare them so that they run away from what they were doing.


Plus, it’s very fitting for October right? ;D It almost looks a bit too cute.

The second thing is a little lucky money bonus that might appear. When players are running around in different areas they might just find themselves a little gold coin!


Hopefully this can be implemented to give players a little more hope when they are running a tight budget and are at risk of not gathering enough money for the day. It’s not like we don’t want you to succeed *cough* Heh he.

That is all for this week folks! Thank you for reading and sticking around. We will try to do something nice for those who stick around in the future. Lots of love from Penny’s Farm.



*if you ever talk to us in person, our programmers for some reason only refers to these as “curses” so you don’t get confused.

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