Development blog

Update 23/9

Good day fellow hoomans!

This week we started working on some of the ideas from last week! We start by building prototypes of the idea to test it and see if it can be done the way we thought or if there are any unforeseen issues. Once it seems to work the idea is in the clear and we can start polishing and implementing.

This time one of our ideas was adding a wheat field that the players have to harvest within a time frame. The wheat also needs to be gathered within that same time so they need to help each other out. This will be a totally different scene to get the players a break from the farm screen.


WIP gif. The harvesting would look something like this!



WIP gif, you’re not really supposed to go this fast unless you drank ten cups of coffee.

Once you completed the task the point is for you to earn some kind of bonus. Money or something else that can be of use.



As you saw last week we added weather conditions as well. We started to work towards a little more diverse world to make the world feel less static. We looked at night scenes as well but since the nights currently acts like breaks between levels it does not really work. Other than this we’re still talking about new tasks and events that we could add to the game.

This upcoming week we will try to finally record a proper trailer. The previous ones had some recording and time issues. We will try to record it on a new pc, which hopefully will give us better quality. Also, a proper storyboard to bring across the quirkiness and overall feeling of the game. That’s it this time folks. See you around!

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