Development blog

Update 18/9


The blog post was a little delayed due to some travelling, sorry about that!

This past week we have been working on the sheep and a new event that we hope will spice things up a bit. Remember when you used to play cops and robbers as a kid?


We thought this new event would bring some action to the farm. The Marshall will chase a robber around the farm and you have to stay clear of their fight. We are working on how the players could interact with them to make them go away. It wont be something static like the train event since we want this to feel entirely different.

We also added some new weather which we think ended up looking pretty nice. No fall will feel complete without some rain. 🙂 Besides that we are adding some minor details just to make the world feel more alive. Like this little cute fox in the upper right corner.


That was last weeks work, new blog update will be posted this Saturday (no travelling thankfully). See you then we hope!

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