Development blog

Exciting news!

Hello fellow farmers!

We finally got a new office space ( a dark basement with poop coloured walls but non the less a great office), where we can continue to work on Penny’s! We started off by juggling ideas for new content and and came up with some great and messed up stuff as always. No more diarrhoea things though, we promise. Some new tasks are being added now and some bigger things are planned to be added in soon. Today we got a brand new apple tree where the players can go get apples as a part of the everyday tasks!


One other thing we discussed is to add in some tasks that require more coordinated co-operation from the players. For example a sheep that will need to be held by one person while another person cuts the wool before the sheep manages to wiggle lose again. This will hopefully add to the chaotic planning the players have to keep up during game play.

And finally seasons and weather is another thing we believe could add diversity in the game. A winter/ summer season would allow us to change the tasks. In the winter it would not make sense to pick apples so perhaps snow ploughing could be a new task.

Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for further updates now that we are able to work on the game more often.

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