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The show must go on

We have decided to work on a new menu where the players join in whilst the characters are walking on a road on their way to their new job. (WIP image)

New menu in progress
Old menu

Once all the players have selected their characters they arrive at the farm and accepts the job. We think this is a better way to introduce the players to the setting so that there won’t be any misunderstandings. We love diversity and want the players to be able to get a good representation of people. Since the setting is now early 1900’s (was late 1800’s) we don’t want to risk that anyone to confuse the workers for slaves as this was brought to our attention by some players.  We even got a unisex bathroom so that all the farmers can enjoy taking a dump together like civilised people!

The reason we chose a setting so far back in time is that we did not want any technological things involved. We wanted an old-school organic farm where everything is done like the farmers did long ago. Just because that’s the way we liked it I guess! Besides, the hard work everyone needs to put in together would not make sense if you had a milking machine that could milk 100 cows in a minute. We’d rather see you get that elbow grease and get down and dirty while panicking because you have to go to the outhouse. If some things are tweaked a little more we believe that this will be perfect. 🙂 We have discussed the story behind it and what would work for us. We needed Penny to be firm and strict because that is how the players get pressured. She is really a nice person though! 😉 More updates will come as we will keep on working with updating a few things before we start to create the new content.

On a completely different note we have signed up for PLAY festival that is being held in November 1-5 in Hamburg. It is a creative gaming festival created by Creative_gaming. Now we just have to wait and see if we get nominated. We are also getting ready to apply for Gamescom which takes place in Cologne 22-26 August. Keep your fingers crossed and we will see you soon! Also thank you for taking your time to read our little farm-blog! Until next time.

/Penny’s dev team

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