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Showing off the goods!

We know that we have been really bad at showing exactly what it is that we do. We are working on a new trailer and some fixes to be able to show what the game is about much better. For now we decided to show what the game play looked like when we were testing the game out before GGC (Gotland Game Conference) and SGA (Swedish Game Awards).

Three of us is playing and have just met the days quota of crops which is  shown up in the left corner. The players have to communicate to get the tasks done in time, or you could just run a round and kick each other which is fun but not really helping the team out. At the end of the day the merchant arrives and the players gets to find out how much money they made after the required crops of the day. The Money needs to be enough for the rent as well. If not Penny will take the amount from your saved money (if you have any). If you made enough money so that you have some left, you can choose to save or buy something from the merchant. You can buy new tools or new crops to help you meet the requirements the following days. Non of the special events that can happen is shown in this short preview however. For example one day Penny decide to rent some of the farm out to a rail-road company and the players get a big surprise when the day starts. And some days the rabbits are extra energetic and the players will have to keep defending the crops from getting eating. Another thing not showing here is the timer which is showing a count down of the time left of the day.

We will update with our new trailer soon so keep an eye out. Thanks for reading, see you around!

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