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Gamers Choice!

Howdy folks!

We hope that you had a long and great weekend, we sure did! Penny’s Farm got the “Gamers choice award” at Swedish game awards! That means that we got most votes from the people playing our game two contests in a row and we are so happy about it!! Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone who voted!


What happens now?
Well, we just needed a breather and then we will continue to develop the game here on Gotland . Since we have no more school we will be looking for an office and a new home for some team members needing to leave the student apartments. That may cause some issues but not too much we hope. And development -wise we will expand the game and create some new design based on feedback we got from both judges and other players. For example we will create more tasks that requires two or more peoples co-operation because as is now the players do all the tasks alone even though the dividing of tasks means cooperating. And then create more events that will make the days you have to survive more fun and more differed from one another. For the show floor we only had five different days you had to survive since we did not expect people to play for long. But they did and even came back to play. For a finished game we would want people to be able to play for many more days and see how long they can last before it becomes nearly impossible.

Since we need to eat and such we need to have some sort of income to be able to continue the creation of this game. So our first step is to start marketing and try to get some cash so that we can work! The team will discuss how we want to approach this. Until then keep an eye out for updates. 🙂

/The dev team

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