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Gotland Game Conference

Yesterday marked the end of our school’s conference “GGC”. We had a blast showing of the game and seeing people enjoy it! Here are some pictures from the showfloor.

We are so grateful for everyone playing our game even after the word spread of the game where “you can have diarrhea and be in love at the same time”. It actually seems like people had a good time and every team of friends that played had their own tactics (or none) and played differently. We managed to get three prizes though one got us right in the heart, “student choice award”, which means that many people voted for us when there were so many amazing games! So thank you to everyone who visited us, played with us and had a laugh with us. We also thank for the great feedback as we will use it to keep on developing the game to become even better.


Now we will try to find an office and get this thing done! meanwhile we will discuss what to do with the demo as it might be released before the whole game is ready.

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