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Gotland Game Conference

Howdy folks!


We have been farming so much that we forgot to update our blog for you! The whole team is united again and getting ready for Gotland Game Conference. Today the judges will be playing our games and both tomorrow and Tuesday all of you will get access to the booth crawl if you are here in Visby!



We will document during the conference so that you won’t miss out on all the fun. Also, our next big announcement is that we plan to release on as soon as we get our final build for GGC (Gotland Game Conference) together.

What we have done so far is to implement all the things we thought would be most important to show off the core game play during the conference since people won’t be able to stand around and play for a long time. You can play from 2-4 players and you have certain goals you need to reach each day. We also fixed a tutorial which basically is playing a normal day cycle but without the pressure to raise money and grow a certain amount of crops. We also incorporated our “event” to make the days feel different from one another. We are doing the final bug testing and hope for the best.

Papa Anders in our team just had a presentation in front of the judges as well. It was very relaxed and we felt like it went pretty good.


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