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New week

Howdy folks!

New week and we have new objectives! We had a meeting and decided on how to plan our process. We also had some new ideas as how to make the game even more fun while having a static level. If you can’t go to trouble, trouble will just have to come to you. *muahah ..hrm* We designed some events that will occur every now and then. The events are obstacles that will make it harder for the players to navigate around the farm to do their tasks. This way one level will become very different and exciting! We don’t want to give away any details yet other than that we are excited.

But here, enjoy some really important tests we made. (no subjects were harmed during testing)

So we found out that they can’t ride the cows and they need some swim practice. Testing can be very informative! Have a great day, and you will hear from us soon!

2 thoughts on “New week”

    1. Thank you so much! We are working with finishing up implementing the basic things but after that we’ll hopefully be ready to show you more fun stuff soon!


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