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Tuesday blender modelling

Howdy folks! We don’t always farm you know. I thought I’d let you in on some short modelling tips this fine Tuesday.

Blender butter stern modelling

The low poly art style (low poly refers to the low resolution 3D, the more realistic, the more polygons – meaning higher resolution) can be tricky too. You still have to make sure everything is consistent and not looking  more or less realistic or stylized, depending on what you are going for. In our game we are obviously going for a very stylized style where you can see all the hard edges and no smoothing on objects. another thing to have in mind is the size. I usually bring in another object, preferably one of the characters that is going to interact with the object into the scene. That way I can make sure I don’t model the object to big and that animations will work later on in the process. Blender is a great and free tool if you want to try out modelling. You can download it for HERE. We also create the animations in blender so we don’t have to switch programs to do that.

A great thing you can do if you are more than one artist or just want to make sure you get some strict guidelines is to create an art guide. The art guide is basically a guide that explains exactly how to create your art, step by step. Think of it as a guide that allows a complete stranger (with your graphical knowledge) to recreate something in your art style. It helps everyone to get a unanimous vision as well.

Well, back to work! Have a great Tuesday!

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