Development blog

Farmers in school

We are sorry for the delay of updates but since we are currently attending school as well we have to keep up with school work while we are working on Penny’s. It’s not easy to grab a cow by the horns as Penny always say!

We are still working on implementing even more stuff like animals and abilities.  It’s always fun to test out new stuff and see what happens!



So to further explain things in more detail we are working on giving the players enough tasks to make a day at the farm interesting and a bit stressful. The whole idea is that the players will have to help one another getting the tasks done before the end of the day, meaning they get money to keep the bank away. Then events can happen that makes the day easier or harder to get through to spice things up.

We have about two months left before we need to have a ready demo build to show at GGC (Gotland Game Confernce) that takes place 29-30 of May here at Gotland. It is a conference put together by our school annually. That is where all the students show off their games and are competing for prices. We are also looking for other events to showcase our game at eventually, but for the moment the main focus is on the getting the game as ready as possible. We will be asking for play testers in near future to help us become better! If you are intersted stick around and we will soon post links for you to apply.

Stay safe kids, see you around!

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