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Happy Campers

Hello happy campers!

Today me and Nisse worked on the animation for the player going into the outhouse and animating the outhouse once the player is inside (yes, animations for the house itself). We fixed the player animation together with the door so that the animations synced with placement and everything. Then we animated the outhouse by itself with the player gone. We want the house to show when it’s in “action” so that is what we animated. Once we put everything together it looked like this.


*self high five*

We had some issues with putting bones on the house at first. We wanted the house to be able to squash and stretch in a cartoony way to convey the “action”. We ended up putting a spine inside the house and adding some extra topology. Then we put two bones on the sides of the house like arms and skinned the outside walls to the bones (skinning means assigning a part of the mesh to a bone, more or less. which in turn means the surface you assigned to the bone follows the movement of the bone) so the outer walls could be stretched when we pulled the bones. That’s all for today folks! Have a good one!

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