Development blog


Hello once more farmer friends and farmer fans!

We have come way further since we first posted an image of the graphics, so we thought we would show you a picture from what it currently looks like! Sorry it took a while but we had to hoist grandpa up the flagpole so that he could snap the picture. He was a bit hesitant but no grandpas were injured during the shoot.


Things are working but far from everything has been implemented! We decided to make a variety of events will help make the gameplay more interesting. That way the players never know what kind of day it is going to be, just like in real life. We want the events to feel funny and not just be a pain in the but as well. So we have been working out what more things we want to implement and than created them during most of the week.

Also we are working on updating the blogs appearance and getting thumbnails and such done so that we can look a little more Penny’s Farm -isch. We really got to get grandpa down now but we will be back with another update next week! Hopefully we will get a video blog together by then. Toodles!

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