Development blog

Rockwood Goods!

Hello fellow farmers!

Last week was a slow week but now we are back to work and can share some new content with you guys! Let us introduce Mr Rockwood, head of sales at Rockwood Fantastic Goods.


Every now and then he will stop by the farm so that you may bask in his presence ..and buy stuff of course. Our graphics artist Nisse has been working on Mr Rockwood and we think he came out excellent! Now its time to come up with some animations for this salesman to make him a little less stiff.

Otherwise we have been working on implementing the different things to do on the farm to make the farmers life a little harder as if it was not already. Cows need to be milked, crops need to be watered and mortgages needs to be paid. And then the farmers needs to go about their regular business as usual. This is why we are building an upgrade to the outhouse as well so that business can be made in style!  I got to run and milk the cows now but we will post some of the progress in the upcoming days so stick around!

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